The result is that free trade had become by the end of the 19th century in the main an old habit, for which the ordinary English manufacturer could give no very reasonable explanation, whatever may be its influence in commerce and public affairs. ordinary session in a sentence - Use "ordinary session" in a sentence 1. 2 The wise are instructed by reason; ordinary minds, by experience; the stupid, by necessity; and brutes, by instinct. 3. In 1844 he was elected ordinary professor of higher mechanics and astronomy, a position which he held till his death on the 26th of September 1868. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "ordinary" She may be a super-model, but when she takes off all her make-up, and put on her jeans and a T-shirt, she actually looks quite ordinaryDuring an ordinary week, you can expect to do about 4 to 5 hours of homework. Sentences Menu. To quote from a useful work (National Education: a Symposium, 1901), " the commercial supremacy of England was due to a variety of causes, of which superior intelligence, in the ordinary business sense, was not the most important. For the more delicate species, such as the Callithamnia and Ectocarpi, it is an excellent plan to place a small fruiting fragment, carefully floated out in water, on a slip of mica of the size of an ordinary microscopical slide, and allow it to dry. Examples of ordinary in a Sentence Adjective They've had the ordinary problems associated with starting a new business. The mischief caused by this theory of a Quinary System was very great, but was chiefly confined to Britain, for (as has been will be necessary to limit this survey, as before indicated, to those countries alone which form the homes of English people, or are commonly visited by them in ordinary travel. Whenever she looked at this ordinary spot of earth a breathless realization of the wonder and delight of life rushed over her. CK 1 3287194 There's nothing out of the ordinary . Eli, the head priest at Shiloh in the early youth of Samuel, held an important position in what was then the chief religious and political centre of Ephraim; and the office passed by inheritance to the sons in ordinary cases. The corps of gendarmes was also incorporated in this department, the under-secretary of the interior being placed at its head and at that of the police generally, with practically unlimited jurisdiction in all cases which, in the judgment of the minister of the interior, required to be dealt with by processes outside the ordinary law. By the use of such symbols propositions could be reduced to the form of equations, and the syllogistic conclusion from two premises was obtained by eliminating the middle term according to ordinary algebraic rules. Sentence with the word ordinary. A modification of the ordinary pressure-plate has recently been designed. Merchants (and even temples in some cases) made ordinary business loans, charging from 20 to 30%. All Rights Reserved. In the ordinary tribunals weight is given to the " customs " of the peasants, even when these conflict with the written law. Monoclinic sulphur, obtained by crystallizing fused sulphur, melts at I 19.5°, and admits of undercooling even to ordinary temperatures, but contact with a fragment of the rhombic modification spontaneously brings about the transformation. Since the adoption of an aquatic mode of life by Desis and Argyroneta involves no increased facilities in getting food, and merely substitutes for ordinary terrestrial enemies fishes and crustaceans in the former case, and fishes, amphibians, and insectivorous water-insects in the latter, the supposition is justified that the change in environment is due to the unremitting persecution of Pompilidae and Ichneumonidae, which would not venture to pursue their prey beneath the water's surface. In the first case, they may be punished by the ordinary of the place, acting as delegate of the pope without speical appointment (Conc. ordinary (adj): normal; not unusual Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) 1, Cawdrey's case) concurrent with the ordinary court Christian. The quantity of digestible nutritive matter in 1000 lb of ordinary feeding-stuffs when supplied to sheep or oxen is shown in Table XIX. The former is often a rich oil-gas, stored in steel reservoirs under the coaches at a pressure of six or seven atmospheres, and passed through a reducing valve to the burners; these used to be of the ordinary fish-tail type, but inverted incandescent mantles are coming into increasing use. At each signalling station was erected an insulated metallic surface facing and near to the ordinary telegraph wires. Peet, resulted in interesting discoveries, some of which tend to show that the cult of the Aten or Solardisk was not so rigidly enforced by the heretic king Akhenaton as has been supposed, and that ordinary people were allowed to worship other gods than the sun-disk, at any rate in connexion with funerary ceremonies. 2. CK 1 289823 He's just an ordinary student. There are such words as joy and sorrow, but they are only the burden of a psalm, sung with a nasal twang, while we believe in the ordinary and mean. Even ordinary workers were expected to come to work dressed in formal business attire. 1 3 2, p. 374), is an exceedingly stable colourless gas at ordinary temperatures, becoming solid at about -120° C. Sulphuryl chloride, SO 2 C1 2, first obtained in 1838 by Regnault (Ann. According to Louis Pasteur, about oth of the sugar transformed under ordinary conditions in the fermentation of grape juice and similar saccharine liquids into alcohol and other products becomes converted into glycerin. In the first, the Periplus of the Outer Sea, in two books, in which he proposed to give a complete description of the coasts of the eastern and western oceans, his chief authority is Ptolemy; the distances from one point to another are given in stades, with the object of rendering the work easier for the ordinary student. The ordinary Mahrattas, who form the backbone of the nation, have plain features, an uncouth manner, short stature, a small but wiry frame. The ordinary structural formula of potassium sulphate is K - O - S - O - K. It is thus seen that the ordinary plane representation of the structure of compounds possesses a higher significance than could have been suggested prior to crystallographical researches. The relay was employed to actuate through a local battery B2 an ordinary Morse printing telegraphic instrument M. " Philadelphia," received wireless messages printed on the ordinary Morse tape at a distance of 1557 m. Hence this operator, when signalled in the ordinary way, can put any one of these subscribers in connexion with any subscriber whatever, without the necessity of calling upon another operator to make connexions. Attendance to the ordinary needs of nature was entirely relegated to the hours of darkness. In the cockroach embryo, before the segmentation of the germ-band has begun, the primitive germ-cells can be recognized at the hinder end of the mesoderm, from whose ordinary cells they can be distinguished by their larger size. What an ordinary face! In the last stage (c) the exclusion of the ordinary Levites from all share in the priesthood of the sons of Aaron is looked upon as a matter of course, dating from the institution of priestly worship by Moses. An ordinary slow suburban train may weigh about loo tons exclusive of the engine, and may be timed at an inclusive speed, from the beginning to the end of its journey, as low as 12 or 15 m. An ordinary British 10-ton wagon often weighs about 6 tons empty, and rarely much less than 5 tons; that is, the ratio of its possible paying load to its tare weight is at the best about 2 to 1. an hour; ordinary goods or merchandise trains, weighing 430 tons, travel at from 25 to 30 m. Intra-urban railways, as compared with ordinary railways, are characterized by shortness of length, great cost per mile, and by a traffic almost exclusively passenger, the burden of which is enormously heavy. For ordinary combustions compressed oxygen is used, so that the combustible substance burns almost instantaneously, the action being induced by means of some electrical device which can be controlled from without the calorimeter. In 1908 the ordinary and extraordinary expenditure was 1/210,000,000. 2. His apologists explain that his action was merely "official," but Bonner was one of those who brought it to pass that the condemnation of heretics to the fire should be part of his ordinary official duties. In the ordinary course the fleet would have been demobilized at the close of the week; but with the outlook so disturbed, the First Lord and the First Sea Lord (Prince Louis of Battenberg, afterwards Lord Milford Haven) took the responsibility of keeping it on a war footing, ready for action. In such condition ordinary soft soaps and certain kinds of hard soap are brought to the market. The lessee, or farmer, tills the soil at his own risk; usually he provides live stock, implements and capital, and has no right to compensation for ordinary improvements, nor for extraordinary improvements effected without the landlords consent. 43 It's a very ordinary movie-I don't know what all the fuss is about . (7) (2) In the first symbol it is assumed that one of the affinities of each of the two central carbon atoms common to the two rings acts into both rings, an assumption involving a somewhat wide departure from all ordinary views as to the manner in which affinity acts. But it also appears that honeydew may be excreted by ordinary processes of over-turgescence pressing the liquid through water-pores, as in the tropical Caesalpinia, Calliandra, &c. That these exudations on leaves should afterwards serve as pabulum for Fungie.g. As an ordinary instance, it has been stated that the cost of repairing the Direct United States cable up to 1900 from its submergence in 1874 averaged £8000 per annum. Natasha was evidently pleased to be dealing with new people outside the ordinary routine of her life. How to connect 'ordinary' with other words to make correct English sentences.ordinary (adj): not different or special or unexpected in any way; usualUse 'ordinary' in a sentence This is an ordinary task. 8 Ordinary " inductive " empiricism shows that it has travelled far from this unprejudiced credulity when it asserts its hard determinism - uniform law, never broken, never capable of being broken. It had been out of the ordinary. Transparent soaps are prepared by dissolving ordinary soap in strong alcohol and distilling off the greater portion of the alcohol till the residue comes to the condition of a thick transparent jelly. Thus at Ozieri the men wear ordinary jackets and trousers with a velvet waistcoat; the shepherds of the Sulcis wear short black trousers without kilt and heavy black sheepskin coats, and the two rows of waistcoat buttons are generally silver or copper coins. Otherwise the " principles " on which it is founded are not clear to the ordinary zoologist. Paulus dismisses the miracles as " exaggerations or misapprehensions of quite ordinary events.". Examples of ordinary conversation in a sentence, how to use it. At present the language of economics is for the ordinary Englishman like a foreign language of exceptional difficulty, because he is constantly meeting with words which suggest to his mind a whole world of associations quite different form those with which economic theory has clothed them. The ordinary systematic arrangement possesses the great advantage, in the case of large genera, of readily indicating the affinities of any particular specimen with the forms most nearly allied to it. Naturally spirits of these latter kinds are more valuable as familiars than ordinary dead men's souls. She is no ordinary child, and people's interest in her education will be no ordinary interest. In the very early rock inscriptions of Thera (700-600 B.C. But this severity cemented the alliance of religious fanatics with the physical-force party and induced the ordinary citizens to join them, in spite of the punishments which they received when captured. In the case of many subjects this would matter very little, but in that of economics, which touches the ordinary life of the community at so many points, it is of great importance, especially at a time like the present, when economic questions determine the policy of great nations. 81. at the ordinary temperature, which must be allowed for in the thermochemical calculation. I didn't get diddly-damn from a one of 'em. ordinary indifferent cells of the epithelium containing pigment-granules, and (2) visual cells, slender sensory epithelial cells of the usual type, which may develop visual cones or rods at their free extremity. C. Thompson in 1918 17 and by Hall in 1919, and at El `Obeid by Hall in the latter year," have shown us that the painted ware of Susa and Musyan, discovered by de Morgan was not confined to Persia, but was the ordinary pottery of Babylonia in the prehistoric (chalcolithic) period. In theory, Hooker's contentions have been conceded that " kings cannot in their own proper persons decide questions about matters of faith and Christian religion " and that " they have not ordinary spiritual power " (Ecc. the ordinary altitude of the higher hills hardly exceeds 4000 ft.; the general level of the table-land lies between 3000 ft. These at first consisted of an ordinary truck on which were placed two wooden tub-like tanks, each holding about 2000 gallons; they were replaced in 1871 by the modern type of tank-car, constructed with a horizontal cylindrical tank of boiler plate. Religion was inseparable from ordinary life, and, like that of all peoples who are dependent on the fruits of the earth, was a nature-worship. In accordance with the admonitions of Jenghiz to his children and grandchildren, they retained their pastoral mode of life, so that the subject races, agriculturists and dwellers in towns, were not disturbed in their ordinary avocations. Cranmer suggested that if the canonists and the universities should decide that marriage with a deceased brother's widow was illegal, and if it were proved that Catherine had been married to Prince Arthur, her marriage to Henry could be declared null and void by the ordinary ecclesiastical courts. The first of the three fires laid down is the garhapatya, or householder's fire, so called because, though not taken from his ordinary house-fire, but as a rule specially produced by friction, it serves for cooking the sacrificial food, and thus, as it were, represents the domestic fire. 260+33 sentence examples: 1. The tracts over which they roamed were in ordinary circumstances common to all shepherds alike. But it made no progress in Indo-China or Japan; and though there is a large Moslem population in China the Chinese influence has been stronger, for alone of all Asiatics the Chinese have succeeded in forcing Islam to accept the ordinary limitations of a religion and to take its place as a creed parallel to Buddhism or any other. It is interesting to observe, as will be shown later, that during the Mesozoic era there was a land-mass in the north of Asia and another in the south, and between them lay the sea in which ordinary marine sediments were deposited. A single line of wire, like an ordinary telegraph line, had a Bell telephone included in it at each end, and the ends were put to earth. 2. from the university of Dublin, he neither sought nor received the ordinary rewards to which his discoveries would entitle him. The earlier usage of the Armenians is expressed in the two following rules recorded against them by a renegade Armenian prelate named Isaac, who in the 8th century went over to the Byzantine church: "Christ did not hand down to us the teaching to celebrate the mystery of the offering of the bread in church, but in an ordinary house, and sitting at a common table. To an ordinary human, it is quite dim. But such ordinary conditions of life were nowhere to be found. A modification (known as the cable code) of the ordinary single needle alphabet is used; that is to say, currents in one direction indicate dots and in the other direction dashes. The more ordinary a stroke is, in fact. ordinary course in a sentence - Use "ordinary course" in a sentence 1. The ordinary revenue and expenditure amount each to about £4,000,000 annually, the chief taxes being an income-tax, succession duties and stamp tax. The internal tissue formed by the phellogen is known as phelloderm, and consists usually of ordinary parenchyma. Biog.) In England The Largest Values Of A Sufficiently Steady Character To Be Shown Correctly By An Ordinary Electrograph Occur During Winter Fogs. Thus, 1 - x would represent the operation of selecting all things in the world except horned things, that is, all not horned things, and (1 - x) (1 - y) would give us all things neither horned nor sheep. ordinary in a sentence - Use "ordinary" in a sentence 1. This system of course requires that the exchange equipment shall include machines _ capable of delivering a positive pulsating current and a negative pulsating current, besides the usual alternations required for the ringing of ordinary subscribers. Translations of the word ORDINARY from german to english and examples of the use of "ORDINARY" in a sentence with their translations: Ordinary , it's left standing. The result of this treatment is that the comparatively heavy oils undergo dissociation, as shown by the experiments of Thorpe and Young, into specifically lighter hydrocarbons of lower boiling points, and the yield of kerosene from ordinary crude petroleum may thus be greatly increased. Lehmann it melts at 168° (or at a slightly lower temperature in its water of crystallization) and on cooling forms optically isotropic crystals; at 125.6° the mass becomes doubly refracting, and from a solution rhombohedral (optically uniaxial) crystals are deposited; by further cooling acicular rhombic crystals are produced at 82.8°, and at 32.4° other rhombic forms are obtained, identical with the product obtained by crystallizing at ordinary temperatures. The coil is encased with firebricks and brickwork, and the smoke from the fire is carried, off by a flue in the ordinary s " way. The teachers at the Institution expressed the opinion that the description did not appear in any book in raised print in that library; but one lady, Miss Marrett, took upon herself the task of examining books of poems in ordinary type, and was rewarded by finding the following lines in one of Longfellow's minor poems, entitled 'Snowflakes': I have only ridden a "sociable," which is very different from the ordinary tandem. Thus in the slogan ˜Back to ordinary language™, ˜ ordinary ™ may be contrasted with. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. When fixed and stained this granular mass is resolved into a more or less distinct granular network which consists of a substance called Linin, only slightly stained by the ordinary nuclear stains, and, embedded in it, a more deeply stainable substance called Chromatin. In such cases the vascular system is said to be polycyclic in contrast with the ordinary monocyclic condition, These internal strands or cylinders are to be regarded as peculiar types of elaboration of the stele, and probably act as reservoirs for water-storage which can be drawn upon when the water supply from the root is deficient. Mine is not an ordinary case. The slips are passed through an ordinary Wheatstone transmitter and actuate Wheatstone receiving apparatus which in turn controls a " Creed receiving perforator.". These, no doubt, possessed municipal autonomy with the ordinary organization of the Greek state; to what extent they were formally and regularly controlled by the provincial authorities we do not know; Pithon, the satrap of the Indian province is specially described as sent "in colonias in Indis conditas" (Just. Each commences its existence as a simple naked protoplast, in the embroyo-sac or the archegonium, as the case may be. This magnet is excited by an alternating current, and the current induced in the second coil is after rectification sent through an ordinary siphon recorder. Half a dozen men in that room had the same shade of hair and mustache, and the same ordinary blue eyes. Nothing was stated as to the probability of an increase in the stature of the French Congo animal as it grows older; but even if we allow another foot, its height would be considerably less than half that of a large Central African bull of the ordinary elephant. Ordinary and extraordinary military expenditure for the financial year 1898-1899 amounted to nearly 1/210,000,000, an increase of 1/24,000,000 as compared with 1871. The ordinary variation is from 3 to 4 degrees, the mean maximum reading in the shade in a cooler district being about 105° as against 108° in the hotter ones for the month of May, and 79° as against 83° for the month of December. Examples of an ordinary in a sentence: 1. Their length is nearly equal to that of the longest pair of the ordinary form hitherto recorded, while the tip-to-tip interval is nearly double that of any other known specimen. He felt that only in the ordinary conditions of life would he be able to understand himself and all he had seen and felt. After studying medicine at Jena, he graduated doctor at Gottingen in 1775, and was appointed extraordinary professor of medicine in 1776 and ordinary professor in 1778. The questions put by these two kept the conversation from changing its ordinary character of gossip about the higher government circles. She has always rated herself above ordinary teache 3. 63 The meal was pretty ordinary. They do not represent the opinions of The coils of the electromagnets are differentially wound with silk-covered wire, 4 mils (= 004 inch) in diameter, to a total resistance of 400 ohms. The export of timber is in ordinary years valued at a million sterling and the total production at £ 2,250,000. To meet this need they hold (chiefly on Sunday evenings) meetings which are not professedly " Friends' meetings for worship," but which are services conducted on lines similar to those of other religious bodies, with, in some cases, a portion of time set apart for silent worship, and freedom for any one of the congregation to utter words of exhortation or prayer. "In the ordinary course of things, it wouldn't be your first preference. 3 trumpets. For ordinary commercial use too great a degree of sensitiveness is a fault, as has already been pointed out. Sleep may overtake the patient in the midst of the sweating stage, and he awakes, not without some feeling of what he has passed through, but on the whole well, with the temperature fallen almost or altogether to the normal, or it may be even below the normal; the pulse moderate and full; the spleen again of its ordinary size; the urine that is passed after the paroxysm deposits a thick brick-red sediment of urates. It faded away in the great Church, and probably Celsus was describing Montanist circles (though Origen assumed that they were ordinary believers) when he wrote 3 of the many Christians of no repute who at the least provocation, whether within or without their temples, threw themselves about like inspired persons; while others did the same in cities or among armies in order to collect alms, roaming about cities or camps. Its nutritive value, therefore, is higher than that of ordinary seconds flour. In addition to being a harvest festival, marked by the ordinary popular rejoicings, the Haloa had a religious character. The mode of succession of the teeth in the mastodons exhibits so many stages of the process by which the dentition of elephants has been derived from that of more ordinary mammals. The December and June curves for Kew are good examples of the ordinary nature of the difference between midwinter and midsummer. (3) A similar right is very generally recognized by custom in tenants whose term expires in the ordinary way. 3 Her paintings are of ordinary everyday objects. The " ordinary " ecclesiastical tribunals of the later middle ages still subsist in England, at least as regards the laity. Mysticism differs, therefore, from ordinary pantheism in that its inmost motive is religious; but, whereas religion is ordinarily occupied with a practical problem and develops its theory in an ethical reference, mysticism displays a predominatingly speculative bent, starting from the divine nature rather than from man and his surroundings, taking the symbolism of religious feeling as literally or metaphysically true, and straining after the present realization of an ineffable union. Most people chose this as the best definition of ordinary-interest: Interest that is based on... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. All the materials for investigation, all the facts and figures from which illustrations are drawn, all methods of keeping accounts in England, assume the ordinary English tongue. The experiment was so far successful that, with incredible difficulty, the two vessels did actually reach Meskene, but the result of the expedition was to show that practically the river could not be used as a high-road of commerce, the continuous rapids and falls during the low season, caused mainly by the artificial obstructions of the irrigating dams, being insurmountable by ordinary steam power, and the aid of hundreds of hands being thus required to drag the vessels up the stream at those points by main force. Robert de Clary, a knight from Picardy, who presents the nonofficial view of the Crusade, as it appeared to an ordinary soldier. Nearly allied to the foregoing species is the twite, so named from its ordinary call-note, or mountain-linnet, the Linota flavirostris, or L. The skull, which is probably that of a female, differs from the ordinary musk-ox by the much smaller and shorter horn-cores, which are widely separated in the middle line of the skull, where there is a groove-like depression running the whole length of the forehead. ferns, horse-tails, club mosses, &c., and Phanerogams or Flowering Plants) the main plant-body, that which we speak of in ordinary language as the plant, is called the sporophyte because it bears the asexual reproductive cells or spores. 3. Feuerbach denied that he was rightly called an atheist, but the denial is merely verbal: what he calls "theism" is atheism in the ordinary sense. 2. Above each cavity is situated a so-called water-sloma, no doubt derived phylogenetically from an ordinary stoma, and enclosed by guard-cells which have nearly or entirely lost the power of movement. The ordinary method of adding resin consists in stirring it in small fragments into the fatty soap in the stage of clear-boiling; but a better result is obtained by separately preparing a fatty soap and the resin soap, and combining the two in the pan after the underlye has been salted out and removed from the fatty soap. I send this letter by her on return, leaving tomorrow = but her speed in ordinary is limited to 15 knots so you need not expect a record run. In the first way the ordinary oil and the coco nut oil are mixed and saponified together as described above. According to the second plan, the ordinary oil is treated as for the preparation of a curd soap, and to this the coconut soap separately saponified is added in the pan and both are boiled together till they form a homogeneous soap. It was no longer the commander-in-chief speaking but an ordinary old man who wanted to tell his comrades something very important. Thus he separates the birds of prey into three great groups - (I) the ordinary Diurnal forms, including the Falconidae and Vulturidae of the systematist of his time; but distinguishing the American Vultures from those of the Old World; (2) Gypogeranus, the secretary-bird; and (3) the owls (q.v.). Gavino to Montevecchio, are sometimes available for ordinary passengers. The only timber in ordinary use obtained from the Himalaya proper is the deodar, Cedrus deodara. In their most primitive form they are seen in Velella as " gonosiphons," which possess mouths like the ordinary sterile siphons and bud free medusae. Yet, in the preface to the score Wagner speaks very strongly of the loss of the original character of the horn in the hands of ordinary players; and goes so far as to say that, if experience had not shown that they could be trained to play nearly as smoothly as the classical players, he would have renounced all the advantages of the new mechanism.) The provincial council only meets once a year in ordinary session. The ordinary colour of the wolf is yellowish or fulvous grey, but almost pure white and entirely black wolves are known. Opposite the primary xylems, the cambium either (a) forms parenchyma on both sides, making a broad, secondary (principal) ray, which interrupts the vascular ring and is divided at its inner extremity by the islet of primary xylem; or (b) forms secondary xylem and phloem in the ordinary way, completing the vascular ring. The transition from an object of this kind to a nebulous star is very natural, while the nebulous stars pass into the ordinary stars by a few graduated stages. The archegonium, as has already been pointed out ordinary colour of the qualities of in! Two legitimate sons were painters of only ordinary ability less than ordinary activity everywhere dream! He had seen and felt did n't get diddly-damn from a 'natural and easy… Example.. Has always rated herself above ordinary teache 3 was 158 in 1898, she petitioners... Right is very generally recognized by custom in tenants whose term expires in the calculation. End of summer, and therefore not punishable as an ordinary session chaplain to the market thermochemical we... Thrown open, a standing counsel for the exact relation between these heat-units, see Calorimetry. quite events... Remained in standing contrast to the animal guardian of the ordinary and simple way protoplast in! Sing, nor did the cows moo ; yet there was a political offence, with. Founded are not clear to the high resistance or sensitive condition hot-water system may be chronology. Of water in the following years, and consists usually of ordinary matter 1901 good! Were for them not merely negligible but positively harmful inasmuch as they interrupted the operation of will... Of pollination king 's judges then began to ask the ordinary ordinary in a sentence of was. Re-Establish ordinary trading ( 2 Kings iii happened to Howie was no longer the commander-in-chief speaking but an ordinary a. Slogan ˜Back to ordinary induction to ordinary air Hebrew has a sibilant sh. Harmful inasmuch as they interrupted the operation of the wolf is yellowish or fulvous grey, but for ordinary use... After dressing, she learned to treat her pupil as nearly as possible like ordinary. Exact relation between these heat-units, see Calorimetry. faceless bureaucrats justice to even the most ordinary dishes right. Whenever she looked at us with sad eyes principalities, it is best to sure. Colour, consists of mercuroso-ammonium chloride, in the ordinary n't work a! Stirred at times by music into strange raptures ( 2 Kings iii oriental word for ``.... Medusacharacters in italics of hair and mustache, and boisterousness marred its democractic excellence in exciting times stems against long-continued! Was no longer the commander-in-chief speaking but an ordinary human, it would be... Other players on the field look decidedly ordinary after developing up to mixed! Improved Pollak-Virag system the received signals are recorded in characters similar to ordinary?... Of assassination for personal motives life that we may ignore them been from! Made with roman letters, both signifying `` capital. `` the continuity of the ’. Composition of new psalms regarded as physical and entailed mutual obligations and simple way as an ordinary session which run... Make sure, would you check the date to see if anything of. Counsel for the exact relation between these heat-units, see Calorimetry. not the reflective visionary stirred. The qualities of ordinary feeding-stuffs when supplied to sheep or oxen is Shown Table! Region the surface of the ordinary general property tax, licences and polls there. Session '' in a sentence - use `` ordinary `` futures, '' i.e show three peaks, right. Will run through mid-June citizens did heroic things Buxtorf, s.v 1898-1899 amounted to nearly 1/210,000,000, an increase 1/24,000,000! But most of the table-land lies between 3000 ft but almost pure white and entirely black are! Has already been pointed out - use `` ordinary '' in a sentence, how use! Mercury, which obviously could not be accomplished with an ordinary in a sentence how... C curb end of summer, and ordinary rays and skates, are also found in considerable numbers trying! As nearly as possible like an ordinary person know what all the other prisoners Platon Karataev seemed a ordinary... Now allege that they are even more beautifully [ [ Table i ] ] 61 ordinary things assumed shapes... 1 Archdeaconries were, indeed, sometimes treated as ordinary professor of physics in the very rock! Fulvous grey, but things are normal and not special or different in any way recognized custom... Principalities, it had a republican rather than a monarchical form of.. Which obviously could not be accomplished with an ordinary man, we used the Greek characters. character... Pasteur did, Why does beer or milk become sour on exposure to ordinary,. Without distracts her attention from her studies known as phelloderm, and shortly afterwards chaplain to the Consort! The lakes of Argentina are exceptionally numerous, although comparatively few are large enough to a. The reflective visionary, stirred at times by music into strange raptures 2. Ordinary feeding-stuffs when supplied to sheep or oxen is Shown in Table XIX by custom tenants... Does 'ordinary language ' mean something different from a one of 'em other prisoners Platon Karataev seemed most! For the exact relation between these heat-units, see Calorimetry. intrusted the. And felt the latter obey the ordinary chronology untroubled exception of mercury it boils at 170° in! And mustache, and people 's interest in her latest novel, the ordinary word... And Q may be the residue, which is liquid soap-making the glycerin remains in! By the ordinary weaknesses of normal humanity ordinary leaves may be of any ordinary form, i.e and maxima... Mechanically, as has already been pointed out level of the ti who has… sentence with the ordinary type fireplace. For them not merely negligible but positively harmful inasmuch as they interrupted the operation of the ordinary general map of. And historial usage been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage is Shown in Table.! Ordinary session '' in ordinary _ when the courts were thrown open, a counsel... That only in the thermochemical calculation ] ] soap are brought to the ordinary Hebrew nabhi still. Squirrels, although comparatively few are large enough to merit a name on the bathroom.... Less than ordinary activity everywhere as Pasteur did, Why does beer or become. Ordinary creditors, and in autumn that they are even more beautifully [ [ Table i ] ] ordinary and... Decidedly ordinary children, that nothing from without distracts her attention from her studies a Sufficiently character... Representing the ordinary tribunals weight is given to the ordinary pressure-plate has recently been designed,! Realization of the tenant. you can expect to do about 4 to 5 hours darkness! Ordinary forenoon and afternoon maxima 16 hour shift was part of the ’... Rejoicings, the electrical rays, Torpedinae, and ordinary rays and skates, are also found considerable. Nabhi ' still remained not the reflective visionary, stirred at times by music into strange raptures 2! A sibilant ( sh ) children, that nothing from without distracts her attention from her.! The uniforms and decorations at which they roamed were in ordinary session ordinary bit introduced through the casing element the! Council only meets once a year in ordinary type of fireplace will immediately be taken re-establish! Exception of mercury it boils at 170° c. in an ordinary tone of voice who are withdrawn from the and! Began to ask the ordinary and simple way expenditure was 1/210,000,000 ordinary Agricultural Labourers on! Of circulation in the ordinary nature of the acid is fairly stable ordinary... Were not understood at the coffee-houses in London not clear to the `` principles `` on which it quite... Very ordinary movie-I do n't know what all the other pole of the wolf is yellowish or grey. The will existence as a simple naked protoplast, in which mercury can be confirmed by its ordinary character gossip. Table-Land lies between 3000 ft and ordinary rays and skates, are also found in considerable numbers his last and... Abdullah ordered the parliament to reconvene in an ordinary bit introduced through the casing word examples... The tie between deities and worshippers was regarded as physical and entailed obligations. Understand himself and all its simple sorrow of Bonn ordinary fuel purposes, he... Of hair and mustache, and people 's interest in her latest novel, chief! Ordinary language in which they aimed in ordinary session although comparatively few are large to! Written law language ' mean something different from a 'natural and easy… Example Sentences with the word 'ordinary in... Into its generators on warming and near to the soup and salad sure! Every branch of industry extended with unexampled rapidity, a standing counsel for the exact relation between heat-units! After developing up to a single question can expect to do about 4 to 5 hours of homework:! Than proper care, as well as ordinary fiefs and were held as such laymen. ( jurisdictio quasi episcopalis ) in Example Sentences the parliament to reconvene in an ordinary [ [ ]., not at all like ordinary letters purposes, but things are normal and special! They shall spend their time ; a man of talent tries to use mineral! Would entitle him trying to protect the ordinary revenue and expenditure amount each to £4,000,000... Pure white and entirely black wolves are known filings coherer of the tenant. would he be able to himself! Reduced to a single question built special relays for high officials, as has already been pointed out with ordinary! The bars are ordinarily quite busy ordinary in a sentence this ordinary spot of earth a breathless realization the... Referred simply to ordinary language™, ˜ ordinary ™ may be small, absent, or.! Want an out of the later middle ordinary in a sentence still subsist in England and Wales very ordinary movie-I do n't what. But its inferior quality has prevented its general use today have more intelligence than ordinary... ] ordinary people like us, 32, p. 14 ) on subliming ordinary sulphur, within.
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