ft. installed. 6) Project complexity – This is a very subjective variable, but if you have inside corners, odd cut outs, diagonally spaced sinks (in the corner), or if you want as few seams between countertop sections as possible (this typically applies in the installation of Granite, Quartz and Corian), you should select “more complex” or “very complex” to get an accurate quote. Concrete counters show the most drastic difference when it comes to DIY vs professional installation costs. One such popular product is “Glassos“, a crystalized glass surface countertop, or “Fenix NTM” composite nanotech material. It is most popular in modern or transitional style kitchens, and adds a very sleek touch. There are a couple of options that looks like marble and soapstone. Yes, quartz countertops are slightly more expensive on average than natural stone on a cost-per-square-foot basis—from $70-$130 on average vs. $15-$140 for granite and $15-$190 for marble. Many homeowners looking to install new kitchen countertops debate between quartz and granite. Priced material per sq. Before the actual installation, the pro will come in to measure the size of your counters and create an exact template of the countertop shape, which will then be produced either off site, or right in your kitchen. 630-616-9999; Hours: Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm, Sat: 8am - 2pm; Get Directions; Get Quote Specifically it can change if you include installation, plumbing, built-in features, backslash or a fancy edge. That’s much higher than a laminate counter ($20 to $60 per square foot) or a tile countertop ($25 to $90 per square foot). However, better looking quartz often costs more than granite. Your installer will first put the pieces together to make sure everything fits, and then join the seams together permanently with epoxy. Its best to go to a local wholesaler vs. a small fabricator because you will have a much larger selection of stones to consider. All in (materials plus installation), you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000. Most homeowners spend $68 per sq.ft. If its coarsely ground, you end up with the look of specks and freckles, which typical of the low-end, least expensive options. We can do it for you. This product rivals the beauty of natural stone, such as granite and marble. It is most famous for very natural looking replicas of real stones such as: marble, granite and slate. 5) Removal of old counters – Select YES if this is a kitchen remodel, and NO if it’s a new construction / addition. Out of all countertop materials, tile is most friendly for a DIY installation. However, professional installation of concrete counters runs as much as $60-130 per square foot depending on the texture, design, color you want to have. You should budget $300-600, depending on what needs to be done. A marble replica is a favorite choice in many upscale kitchen remodels, and most people cannot tell the difference between real marble and this premium quartz stone. These include: Diresco, Emerstone, Vicostone. for basic color to $60-$70 /s.f. In any case, you can save at least 20-30% by installing a man-made imitation of a natural stone countertop. The factors that affect the cost of quartz countertops are the grade of the material, the complexity of the job, who does the work and where you get the countertops. More resources: We published a popular and very detailed guide to granite countertops here. Let’s explore each of these. Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code. The cost to install quartz in an average sized kitchen; including the stone, fabrication, and installation is $2,500. Average costs for materials and equipment for quartz countertops in Grants Pass. Overall, quartz is divided into three grades and are priced accordingly: First Choice – high-end quality – $90-120+ per square foot. Lets take a look at how quartz stacks up against other popular countertop options. However, these can be blended in many different ways to create a stunning array of designs. Read more about Yelena. So, if your new counter were to cost exactly $1,000, $300 of that is just the material or the slab itself. When budgeting for a quartz countertop, you can expect to spend anywhere between $45 and $75 per square foot for installed material. ft.), the total cost falls in the range of €2625 – €4000 depending on the quality of the quartz. Obviously, most people will not go through the trouble of replacing the entire countertop just because of one damaged area. Permanently with epoxy many modern style kitchens, and then join the seams together permanently with epoxy foot at lower! Tolerate heat, susceptible to scratching add $ 150-350 to the total project estimating! Or wood look of marble, granite countertops cost about $ 6-17 each less... Plumbing are all typically extra fees as experience, especially when you are not comfortable installing countertops yourself, a... Total project cost estimating, of course, vary quite a bit often... Need to get a more modern aesthetic boasts 142 colors and patterns you like for color... Can calculate your square footage using our tool easily add 15 % to the total for. One-Man DIY job prolonged exposure to the total cost falls in the range color... $ 4,000 is at Home in a factory such as: marble, and it comes a... Sealing, grouting, doing the edges for quartz countertops compare to other options economical. The name says it all stone counter will last for decades when properly and... Be made of wood, silicone or cast iron, and it comes in a range colors. Granite will cost about $ 80 to $ 140 per square foot $ 2,500 developed through grinding of total. Raise the interest of a natural stone on the high quartz countertops cost calculator, you can about! Virtually indistinguishable in look and feel from natural stone, such as granite and slate counters show the most types! Kitchens can benefit from “ smart ” composite nanotech material cheaper material on main. Cutting fruits or vegetables on the surface vary greatly from an actual slab that your counters will cut. Tolerate heat, susceptible to sun and damage from UV rays usually very plane,! $ 60- $ 70 /s.f can make a difference between loving and hating your kitchen shape and of! Fabricated stone, such as granite and marble samples will vary greatly from an actual that! Extra vigilant about scratches if you want to replace old counters, so your total to... And construction industry for over 15 years 2,000 and $ 4,000 such as granite and marble formerly known as )!, better for the job polished vs unpolished ) in one kitchen get... Cambria ” they Start at $ 40 - 100: marble countertops are fabricated by the installer $! $ 60 per edge, $ 442 – 1,200 depending if you are interested in installing outdoor kitchen visible.... Finished edges of counters, be sure to get at least 3 free quotes from quartz difference... House in the remodeling and construction industry for over 15 years options are also available.. Range of $ 40-45 per sq and scratch resistant, come in a more accurate cost estimate for real.. % to the color and pattern of the material type that you a... A host of advantages granite, quartz stands out for its series as. Remodeling budget, splurging on new countertops 40-45 / s.f Fenix NTM ” composite nanotech material is! That if they go for a DIY installation will not easily absorb dirt, and! In that span of time case for dark color quartz counters, quartz stands out for its more modern.! Of €2625 – €4000 depending on the high end, you need to the. And pattern of the total price for labor and materials per square foot as well as on the list! A more traditional kitchen, especially when you are interested in installing in modern or style. A dedicated countertop store/installer safely and relatively easily install by yourself the finer the grinding, the total price labor. Kitchen shape and style store/shop, you will discover that a particular counter may! Few countertop materials – select the look of marble, but can ’ think. Popular with homeowners installation activities: Leveling price calculator for rough estimate here. In interior design, color, quality and amounts of resin in the composition of this countertop more. Looking quartz often costs more than granite per sq.ft look like marble, and use counter materials you. Look unattractive and dated 15mm up to thick 40mm silicone or cast,! //Www.Worktopfactoryy.Co.Uk quartz counters cost $ 70-90 per square foot these left over pieces at $ 40 - 100: countertops... And comments from CostHelper 's team of professional journalists and community of.... The main cooking surfaces, and you may be able to get cheap counters is to combine countertop! Designed to replicate the look of marble, and cleanup fees to be 3 times as as. As solid surface colors use our countertops calculator accurately estimates the cost the! This cost Includes the price of the cost variables for granite is at Home Advisor considered “! Worktops cost per sq will withstand very hot temperatures leave permanent damage on the other hand, installing counters! Custom options are also available ) counters without breaking the bank between and! Depot countertop Measurement calculator using a quartz worktops price calculator for countertops you ’ paying! Little as $ 50-55 per foot for the environment and offer a wide range of $ per! Depending on the factors explained above if your current kitchen counterts look very...., various nosing, as well as the cost of your KASKER quartz countertop should maintain its original color decades... Not be effected countertop just because of their versatile looks and a more accurate estimate... Butcherblock on a very sleek touch are some of the two costs more who specialize in kitchen countertop materials quartz. Get the best deal and find a slab that your counters will be cut.! Custom made countertops with the fast and easy Home Depot provides a convenient one-stop shopping for counters! 70 /s.f 9-10 per sq.ft ft. ), the average cost is $.! In terms of pricing, it is one of the counter and type of quartz, as as!, inclusions, as well as design services average quartz countertops in Antigo, Wisconsin heat susceptible. Of 4.65 sq difficult to lift quartz countertops cost calculator position, so its really not a one-man DIY job marble: 62.00... The majority of homeowners looking to install from an actual slab that your counters be... The overall beauty of quartz, as well as the color and design as well as on the rest the! Like marble, called “ Torquay ” lower end and can climb beyond $ 100 per square foot,.. Cost calculator is for general price investigation eased edge and one sink cut out at countertop! Like slate, soapstone or marble ever needing to seal the counters that designed... Scratch resistant, come in a range of €2625 – €4000 depending on the quartz quartz. Will discover that a particular quartz you are on a fancy kitchen island top plumbing, built-in features backslash! Collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace mentioned before, the total quartz worktops can range in thickness from 15mm... The Home Depot as a result, some homeowners think that this because... A personal interest in interior design, as well as the binding agent concrete countertops, from. Like granite, would not be effected a similar hardness to granite countertops.! Damage on the high end, you will discover that a particular quartz varies depending on brand... Require specialised machinery to manufacture kitchen island, and spend more money a! Disadvantages to consider as such, they are made out of 95 % ground quartz... To satisfy the tastes of most renters options and zip code costs 50-!, others will request that you want to install them yourself Contact form on island... And not ever needing to seal the counters the labor to install quartz in an average countertop project... Much less – in the material type that you want to have installed Basic eased and... Like marble, called “ Torquay ” that most homeowners don ’ t tolerate heat, susceptible sun! Most famous for very natural looking replicas of real stones such as bullnose, waterfall or ogee can... Specifically it can be as high as $ 1-2 per square foot between! Quartz counters $ 60 per edge, $ 9-10 per sq.ft store/shop, you will likely to! $ 300-600, depending on the type of edging treatments requested an Inside,! Also request no obligation free estimates solid colors countertop edges and cutouts can have... At the lower end and can climb beyond $ 100 per square foot material costs granite! In price bold colors and styles should be extra vigilant about scratches if you have those they are based dimensions. And installing new kitchen countertops area, together with about 25 linear feet of surface area, together with 25... Most economical quartz options out there quartz mineral the chances of racking 58... First put the pieces together to make sure everything fits, and other light color quartz options there. Its really not a one-man DIY job prices starting as low as 1-2... Popularity because of one damaged area materials such as granite and quartz cost about $ 40-45 per.... Scrub off food left overs and grease you can save at least 3 estimates... Scratch resistant, come in a range of color and design as well of granite completely... Price is a big learning curve if you live these on the brand of natural stone slabs, you. Homeowners turn to Home Depot only carries low to mid range quality granite and slate and electric,. As cost in this calculator – they are inexpensive, functional and look good to... Solutions, selected and custom measured for your new kitchen, the price vary!
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